Canvas Stretching

Gallery Wrap

Mirror Image

Museum or Painted Edge

Studio Wrap

As trends change, the demand for custom, gallery-wrapped canvas prints continue to grow.

We use the finest pine and popular for stretcher bars.

We do not use low quality wood that can warp in a few months or years.
We will not sell any stretching material than cannot stand the test of time.
We carefully stretch canvas art and giclees to be straight on the bars.
Stretcher bar thicknesses are available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2 and 3 inches.

What is the difference between a Gallery Wrap and a studio wrap?

There is sometimes confusion between "gallery wrap" and a "stretched canvas". Gallery wrap is a method of displaying art wrapped over thick wooden bars. The Gallery Wrap doesn’t have any visible staples or nails holding the canvas to the wooden stretcher. It is a finished product that is intended to be hung unframed.

In contrast, “stretched canvas” or “studio wrap” is not a finished product. This process precedes the framing process. The hardware is also unique; the stretcher bars are thinner allowing the staples to show.

Gallery Wrap:

There are two options with Gallery Wrap:

  • Continuous Wrap – The painting is literally wrapped over the edges of the thick wooden bars creating a sense of depth to the painting
  • Border Color – The edges can be painted with another color, either a color that continues the edges of the painting itself, or a standard color to give the painting a sense of border

Studio Wrap:

This is the most common way of stretching canvas. The staples are on the side of the stretcher bar

Image Wrap:

Full image used and wrapped around frame. Note: This works only with images that you can crop out 2.25" of image on all 4 sides.

This is a great look if your focal point on the image will be towards the center of the canvas and you can let the edges of the image just wrap over. If you have details along the outside of your digital image that you don't want to lose then we wouldn't recommend this option, (use the Mirror Image Wrap.)

Mirror Image Wrap:

Full image on front, all the way to the edges. Then we duplicate a 2.25" edge on all four sides and reflect them softly around the edges.

You won't lose any of your original image details like you would with the Image Wrap option. We copy the 2.25" section on all four sides of your image and then "reflect" or "mirror" that edge to make your wrap always remains on the front of the canvas.