Memorabilia and Collages

Frame you family heirlooms!

Everyone has something meaningful to frame! Look around, and you will find hundreds of valuable 3-D objects and mementos that tell a story about your life, or hold a special place in your heart. Pull these items out of the box or closet, and let us frame them as a gift or a great conversation piece for your wall.

Display your wedding and graduation programs, childhood memorabilia, rare and beautiful stamps, foreign currency, intricate puzzles, old forks and spoons or grandfather’s old glasses and pocket watch. For delicate pieces, ask about conservation framing to make it last a lifetime.

Our computerized matt cutter can make perfect cut openings for collages, bring us you baseball cards, family pictures, metals and pins collages are great for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

At Frame-It, we will always accommodate a grieving family who has lost a loved one; with a days notice and pictures celebrating their lifetime, we can have a beautifully framed collage ready in time for a funeral, what better way to pay tribute to your loved one.

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