Conservation Framing

Our conservation framing services are key to the creation of a stable environment for artwork. The techniques we utilize are designed to ensure the preservation of each piece.  Our staff consists of highly trained craftsmen and artists who use museum quality techniques and archival components to create a broad range of framing treatments for many different types of artwork, created in virtually any medium.

Textiles and Fabric Art: Mounting and Framing

Conservation framing techniques must also be utilized when mounting and framing textiles and fabrics.  We take great care to stitch and sew fabric securely to an acid-free substrate -- enabling the art to be well supported without comprise to the fibers. When applicable, the mounted art is then spaced away from the glazing to allow air to circulate freely. When framing needlepoint work that is too "warped" to be displayed properly we first "block" the fabric, ie: squarely pinning and stretching the fabric to a rigid board. A week or so on a blocking board will typically cause the art to conform to a square and therefore more presentable condition.