Not all matboards are the same

Matboards are usually called regular, acid-free or museum/conservation quality. Regular matboards are often made with wood pulp (containing lignin) and have a core that may progressively yellow and become more acidic with time. Acid-free boards have had the wood pulp lignin removed, show a bright white core when cut, are fade-resistant and will not damage your artwork. Museum boards also share these qualities but are made out of 100% cotton rag, making them the only true conservation grade board.

The mat protects your art by providing a buffer between your art and the glazing, which helps to prevent damage from moisture and other transfers. At Frame-It, all the matboard we carry are acid-free. We have a large selection of 100% cotton rag mats, acid-free mats and fabric and suede covered mats.

We employ a computerized mat cutter (CMC) which allows us to quickly and precisely cut mat openings of virtually any shape or size As we help you design your Art, our staff at Frame-It will help you make the right choice of which type of Mat to use and which colors look best on your Art.

A Fillet is a small piece of moulding that fits inside a larger frame or, typically, underneath or in between matting, used for accenting the art work. Many shops shy away from Fillets because of the time involved and the good old fashion know how! Fillets are just one of many specialties that makes your frame truly a custom frame.