Dry Mounting is the process of affixing artwork to foamboard or some other flat, firm substrate by applying a uniform coat of adhesive between the art and the substrate, and then applying firm, uniform pressure to create adhesion. The benefit of dry mounting is that it provides a uniform coat of adhesive to cover the back of artwork for a flat, firm mount with no danger of the artwork buckling or slumping in the frame package.

If a piece of art is to be conservation framed then dry mounting cannot be used, since it would adversely affect the value of the art. Dry mounting is used when the aesthetic appearance of the art warrants it to be flat. An inexpensive replaceable art poster, magazine and newspaper articles and photos would be good examples of items that would be dry mounted.

The following substrates are available:

  • Regular Foam Core
  • Acid-Free Foam Core (White or Black)
  • Acid-free Mounting Board (4ply or 8ply)
  • Gator Board ( 3/16? or 1/2? / White or Black)